Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

Where has October gone? It flew by so fast, I could hardly keep up. Goodness knows I couldn't keep up with blogging.

We took the kids to Hunter Farms. This farm is really fun, and by far the best bang for buck in the area. Maris Farms (where Ren Faire was held) gets a lot of attention because they have so many things going. Maris really does offer some fabulous activities. But when it's going to cost me $50 just to get my crew through the entry gate, and not include the corn maze or tractor rides or pumpkin purchase or any of their seriously awesome activities without additional fees.... I have to say, "See ya next Ren Faire!"

Hunter Farms cost us $10 to get in. That included the hay maze, tractor ride out to the pumpkin patch & and corn maze, and petting zoo. That's my sort of deal. If all you want are pumpkins, without a tractor ride, you don't even have to shell out the $2 per person. Walk your merry self on out to the patch. Just keep in mind you have to carry those pumpkins back, too. Their pumpkin prices were pretty good, too.

The hay maze had a slide that all the kids enjoy.

There were many children there (and parents) who did not abide by the "No running around on top of the hay maze" rule. By the way, my kids are standing where they are allowed to so they can get to the slide.

They had a miniature horse, llama, pigs, emus, and miniature donkies. Oh, and a reindeer.

Of course, there were plenty of oppurtunities for photos.
Then we got in line to take the tractor ride.
It was bumpy and fun. Then we took the kids through the little corn maze.
Then it was off to stomp in mud and choose our pumpkins! Where Potato lost a shoe.

There was lots of inspection. We had a rule; If you can't carry it out, it is not the pumpkin for you.

I really liked this pumpkin, but it was rotting on the bottom.

Eventually, all the pumpkins were chosen, and we were ready to head back on the tractor.

Once home, we wiped down the pumpkins and posed them for one last pre-mutilation photo.

Do you see all those pumpkins? The largest one is 55lbs. We spent less than $30 on pumpkins. That's pretty fabulous in my book. Just so you know just how big a 55lb pumpkin is....

Then out came the paint!

A few days after pumpkins, we baked and frosted cookies!

The week before Halloween, Jeremy and I wbrought out the knives and began carving away. The first one is mine, while the other two are his.

My little white pumpkin started looking iffy on one side, so I was leery to cut it open. Instead, I ribboned it!

It was the first to go outside, and made a little buddy.
Then it was time to add all the other wonderful pumpkins to the display.

Potato's completed pumkpin.
Bear's completed pumpkin. He really likes blue.

Pix's witchy pumpkin.

Bug's witchy pumpkin.

Then it was Halloween!!! Potato went as a puppy. I really wish I had followed through with my planto add bows on the ears. Bear went a s bat, using a costume I made for Pix two years ago. (Whoohoo!) Pix went as a kitty cat. I found great swirly fur fabric at JoAnn's for her costume. Bug went as a fallen angel. She is my carbon copy in life. Heck, she's only two years younger than when I first wore that black robe. Feck. Maybe only a year younger.

Jeremy and I went as Professor and Student.

While photos with the kiddos are positively adorable, this next shot is by far the coolest (spookiest) shot I got all night.

I really have to stop doing these monthly catch up posts. Maybe by the end of the week, I can even get up the Puyallup Fair posts. *snickers* Suuuure. ;)

I hope you all had a delightful October, however you may spend it with the ones you cherish in your life. Now we Americans get to start the build up to Thanksgiving. Goddess, give me strength.