Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1st Day of the 1st Grade (Some First Aid required)

Today my Pixy Chick started first grade. Last night she picked out her pretty pink dress, and I helped her coordinate stockings and hair clips. She went to bed on time, and without a fight. I organized her pencil box, backpack, and class supplies. I labeled everything with her name. Including each individual crayon. Ok, I'm insane. I like labels. They suit my OCD. I also wrote quotes, including one of my own I pulled seemingly out of nowhere, on the sides of her pencil box. She decorated her pencil box and folder with kitty cat stickers before dinner. Everything that could be, was thouroughly hers.

We arrived on time, checked the wall lists to confirm her teacher, and went in search of her classroom. Along the way we found a classmate from the prior year who was lost and tugged her along with us. Pix was thrilled to discover her two very good friends, the twins, also had the same teacher!
Twin C, Pixy, the Lost One.

We then went into her class to locate her desk. This was easy since the twins already found their desks, and Pix was seated next to Twin A.

Immediately, Pix started getting settled in. Jeremy and I might as well not have been there at that point. lol

This first day of school seems to indicate it will be a very good school year. For Pix and her friends anyway.

As we were preparing ourselves to leave our girl behind with her classmates and teacher, we heard the screams of a banshee down the hall. I peaked my head out the door and was a bit surprised to see what was going on. One little girl just was NOT ready for the school year. She was screaming and swinging in the corner with all she had. The principal, who is an amazingly kind, patient, and all around cool guy, had to pick this little girl up and take her off to calm down. He carried her very calmly and quietly, all while trying to avoid the blows this tiny imp delivered as she kicked and swung her balled up little fists. That man is freakin' saint.

I am so incredibly grateful for my children, and while sad to see them growing up, I am also incredibly proud.

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