Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Breaking Even

It's been way too long since my last post. So much has happened. Alot of it contributes to my absence from digital world. But things are finally settling down. Well, as much as they do in a family of six with a mass of extended family. :)

In the past two months (or is it three now?) we have been insanely busy. Most of March was spent packing, packing, and more packing. We only had a two bedroom 800sqft apartment, but it is amazing how much stuff that space can actually hold. No wonder we never wanted to be home! Our apartment complex obtained new owners, and new management. There were no announcements made about this to tenants. But shortly after we were made aware of this, it was time to move on.

Amazingly enough, we were lucky enough to be able to move into a four bedroom home with a washer and dryer hook up! This is a huge deal to me. It means that laundry is no longer an all day event of gathering, packing, and hauling off to the laundry mat with 3 or 4 kids and oodles of laundry. This alone makes me giddy. Our living room is actually big enough for a 7ft sofa, which we have. Jeremy has his speakers all set up to his delight. Well, mostly to his delight. There's an actual dining room, not just a piddly spot off the kitchen, where I can fit my table and even expand it to a square. Family dinners have once again been resumed at the table. It's so nice having that, and the kids are loving that, even if they can't see the tv.

Bear is loving having his own room. His own space. His own toys. No sisters. Potato loves having her own room, too. She gets to sleep in without her noisy sibling waking her. Usually. Plus her siblings can still play in their rooms even if she is taking a nap. Before, nobody was allowed to even open the door to the bedroom when she was napping.

Our kitchen is easily three times the size of the one in the apartment. It's amazing. All that counter space. Jeremy even built an island butcher block which fits perfectly next to the cabinet with the drop down ironing board. We've even done away with having a microwave to keep the counters open. We never really used the microwave before anyhow.

Let's see.... also, in the past few months, Monkey Bug turned 10. Whoa nelly, that is going to a whole different post. Complete with pictures and mommy anxiety! Pixie started a new school, which she likes for the most part. Except, the children seem ruder at this new school. Not something I would have figured with kids a little more country than city. The bus seems to be the worst with no real reason for the children to behave. The driver drives like a maniac and just seems to want the kids off the bus so fast, she sometimes doesn't notice they haven't even had a chance to get around the kid they are sharing a seat with. I'm going to wind up having to throw something at this bus to get that woman's attention one of these days.

Then came Easter. That will be a Potato loaded post of cuteness since the older kids were at their dad's this year.

Of course, there was.... the unpacking. We've got mostly everything we need unpacked. Everything else will slowly be sorted through and taken care of. Thankfully, we have a storage shed to help with this. So, there aren't boxes stacked everywhere like the apartments.

After all the crummy things we have had to deal with in the past few years, we feel like we are finally breaking even. I'd love to say we're pulling ahead, but I just can't be that optimistic. But, Jeremy and I both agreed that all those crummy things and fall throughs have lead to this current happiness and peace. If this, this, or that had gone a different way we would not be exactly where we are right now. We just had to put up with a load of bull to get here. It was actually worth it. There's a few more things I'd like to see happen, but I'm not pushy. There's a few things that had been brought to light, that I wish hadn't been there, but we're glad to see out in the open now.

Despite the turbulent weather and pouring rain bashing against my window from outside, I sit here in a sort of calm and peace with my surroundings. Well, as much calm and peace as I'm going to feel 3 days before Potato's bday party, and 5 days before her 2nd birthday. ;)

(Sorry about no photos.
Upcoming Bday and Easter posts will be overwhelming.
I swear.)

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