Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Start to September

On the very last day of summer vacation, it rained. It didn't just rain. It poured. This is nature kicking me in the face for thinking I could do something fun with the kids the day before school started. Isn't she a peach?

The girls started school on September 1st. I forgot the camera though, because we were running late. The girls were a few minutes late to class. Parking was insane. The lot was full. Every "No Parking" bit of curb was full. Every fence lined curb was full. The road in front of the school was lined. The entrance driveway was lined on both sides so traffic could only flow one way at a time. Buses were having trouble getting in to drop students off. People are twits. Thankfully, since I was running a little late, I was able to get a parking spot as somebody was leaving. Yay!

Anyway... I didn't get pictures of their first day. We found their classrooms and I left. Another girl in Pix's class was wearing the same shirt. Is that basis for a friendship?

Bear is officially in kindergarten this year. I did get pictures of the kids on his first day.

He is so excited to be going to school, like a big boy. He really loves riding the bus.

Part of what we had to buy for school supplies were boxes of tissues. I let the kids pick the boxes they would contribute, and Bear picked out one designed like a Super Hero Comic. He then insisted that his back pack have the same theme. He didn't want SpiderMan or Superman or Batman, or anything else like that. He wanted it comic book style, just like his Puffs box.

So, out came the felt, glue, and scissors. I think I'm going to sew the pieces on so I'm not worried about them coming detached. It's going to be a hassle.

We dropped the girls off at class first, then took Bear so we could get him properly situated. When Bear got to class, he found his name tag and hung his backpack. It looked pretty funny surrounded by pink and girly backpacks. (Photo load fail. :( )Then he had to sign into class.

Then we had to say goodbye. He was SO excited. He likes his teacher so much.

I only teared up a little.


Sunny said...

Awww, I love how you decorated his backpack! What a good mama. I bet he loves it. :)

The pumpkin patch we went to was Thomasson Family Farms in Enumclaw. Might be a hike for you -- it's like 23 minutes for us. Definitely worth it, though, it's really awesome. I don't have pictures of Bean on some of the stuff because he was too scared, like sliding into a giant bin of corn. They also have a corn maze.

The Rambler said...

Aw...I'm such a sucker when it comes to saying goodbye. And I only have one. Is it harder or easier with 4?