Thursday, June 4, 2009

So Sad

Today, David Carradine was found dead in his hotel room in Bangkok. After failing to appear on the set of new movie just beginning filming, a maid found him after an apparent suicide. He is survived by his widow, Annie Bierman, and mourned by many.

Strangely enough, this coincides with another death. Though perhaps not as widely affecting as David's death, it still has an affect. On his way up the stairs to our apartment last night, my boyfriend herd this very loud thud on the wall at the top. This morning, we discovered one of the swallows that nest in our alcove every year, dead on the floor, right against the wall.

To counter the sadness and negativity such news can bring, I would like to share this article I found on CNN. Every day oridnary people who have re-evaluated their lives and determined that Superhero work is their calling in this life, this economy.

I'm seriously tickled by this.

Ok, the links are not even showing up. WTH? I'll deal later.

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