Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Would You Like Music While You Wait?

Yes, I am just finally getting around to posting about Thanksgiving. Things have been crazy dealing with the He Said, She Said balderdash that seems rather popular this season. I keep getting in trouble for people making ASSumptions, and not bothering to find out the truth, or just plain not caring when they do hear the truth and prefer to believe the lie. WTF-ever. They can burn for all I care.

Okay, I'm done with that rant. I promise. For now.

Last Thursday Jeremy, the Potato Princess, and I made our way down to Olympia to visit his sister, Brenda, and her son, Bubbs. No, that's not his real name. Our turkey had sat in the brine overnight. The pie made from a sugar pie pumpkin and a cornmeal crust was done. We planned to cook the turkey at her place so it wouldn't be cold by the time we got there, though she lives only 40min away. Of course, when we got there we realized we forgot the roasting pan. Frack. So Jeremy and Bubbs made a quick run to the store for a foil pan, and some much needed soda.

While they were away, Miss Potato chased the poor cat around and scared us by slamming a snowglobe onto the glass top coffee table. Thankfully, nothing broke, and Auntie Brenda is totally chill about these things.

Eventually, the men folk returned. The turkey was panned, foiled, and put in the oven. Then it came. The music. The absolutely required.... RockBand.

The turkey took longer than originally thought it would. Those last few degrees creeped with agony, as Jeremy and Brenda looked on.

While playing RockBand, the guys began bickering a little about which of them MUST have been randomly hitting the pause button in midplay. Potato had them both fooled...

Miss Potato felt she needed to get her fair time of intrument play, too. But she had a hard time choosing which instrument.

She finally decided on guitar first. She was totally rockin it.

Then she moved onto singing. She does this, alot.

She finally got a chance at the drums after cousin Bubbs got up.

I did get dressed up for the day. Curled my hair, put on a skirt and blouse... of course, there's no pics to prove that. My boyfriend's fingers are broke when it comes to picking up a camera, I guess. I tried to get a couple pics of us together, but they turned out crummy and were deleted.

I feel so ashamed. The food was all so good. The turkey juicy and flavorful. The sweet potatoes scrumptious! Alas, I didn't get Any photos of the turkey, the side dishes, or even a prepared platter. *sighs* So, I shall instead, leave you with a photo of this bird, which I think is perfect to mark the end of a Thanksgiving evening.

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Jessica Cangiano said...

Awww, I think you might just have a budding musician on your hands there! :)

I'm sorry to hear that there's been some strife in your life lately, sweetie. I hope that as the rest of the month unfolds, everything calms down and you're able to have a serene holiday season.

Tranquility & hugs,
♥ Jessica