Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Cut - Part 2, the Blessed Touchup


Yesterday, after picking the Pixy up at school, we drove back to the salon to get some adjustments made to the cut I got Saturday. Is it strange I had to take a couple days to figure out what it was I was unhappy about, besides my bangs?

She softened the cut of the front length. Before, it was too blockish, decidedly 70'sish. Then she trimmed the bangs almost to the length I wanted. But she was also doing this weird rounded framing of my eyes shape to them. My boyfriend declared this also Very 70s, and we asked her to make them straight across and a little shorter. The shorter she accomplished, with only less rounding of the bangs. She told me it just seem to be what my bangs wanted to do and how they would lay. I try not to make it a habit to argue with folks holding scissors near my hair, so I just said they were fine and let it be. Thank goodness I'm not terribly incomptent with a pair of scissors myself. The straight bangs you see today are my doing, with a bit of time in front of the mirror once we got home. *sighs* I still feel like I paid too friggin' much to have to get what I wanted by doing it myself.

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Jessica Cangiano said...

I think you look absolutely lovely. The length of the bangs suits your face beautifully and seems it will be a versatile fringe level to work with if you want to wear them down, curled (rolled) under, or even swept a bit to one side.

Hope you have a fantastic Tuesday, honey!
♥ Jessica