Saturday, October 3, 2009

New Hair Cut

Actually, it's alot like the last haircut. That's because the gal didn't really listen to what I was saying. Maybe she heard "just above the eyes" when what I actually said was "just above the eyebrows." But, it's cool. I'll just have her fix it on Tuesday.

Before the cut

After the cut

The desired bang length, approximately.

I had her cut them long the last time I got my hair cut because I wasn't sure yet about bangs. Once I was sure, I shortened them myself. It's strange to see that pic with the shorter bangs, and see how much my hair has grown out since April. It never used to grow that fast. I can't even attribute it to vitamins or such. I wish she'd gone a little more drastic with the layering. It's so subtle, I'm not sure it looks layered. But, I'll wash it, let it air dry like I normally do (rather than blow dry like salons) and see how I like it tomorrow. Thankfully, it's easily remedied if I don't.


Sebina said...

Love your hair - just beautiful... and that lipstick is so perfect for you :)

Courtney said...

Thank you, so much!

Dad.. said...

Very nice! Really compliments your face.