Thursday, May 7, 2009

First Blog

My days are mostly mellow, with chaos thrown in strange ways to mix it up. We have a very full house with four kids and two adults. The oldest, my MonkeyBug, lives with her dad near Spokane. That will change this summer. PixyChick keeps begging for a dog, hamster, fish, any sort of pet we'll let her have. While Monkey is my physical carbon copy sent out into the world, Pixy is my characteristic carbon copy with her love of animals and artistic abilities. Bear is still potty training at 3 1/2. We've tried everything. He's stubborn as a mule and my baby brother. Then there's Potato. At not quite a year, she is into everything. In fact, today she found the sour patch gummies and chewy fireballs her daddy left laying out. She loved them. She's hilarious. We're in trouble. lol I know we have strange nicknames for the kids. They came about, and they stuck. Especially Potato.
My boyfriend and I know we need a new place. This one is just too small for our horde. The problem is A) finding a place we like that is actually still on the market and B) affording it. I've been unemployed since October. It's tough, and things are tight. But, it's actually ideal right now since we are down to one vehicle.
The Audi is limping around while in 1st and 2nd gear. The so called professionals who are experts in german vehicles have no clue. Thanks for nothing, Too Quicks of Tacoma, WA. So the boyfriend gets to try to squeek it back towards his sister's garage and tinker with it. Where he'll find the time, we haven't figured out. He has a beetle in there already. It's in pieces. Lots of pieces. As in the engine is sitting on the floor against the wall, parts are in rubbermaid bins, and the body is on dolleys while the frame is on the other half of the shop awaiting a welder or some such thing to piece it together. The frame needs a few peices also, like the front beam (?). Whoo hoo. We also need the hood. It was in a front end collision, hence the front beam being bent. SO if anybody knows where to get a hood compatible with a 67 Beetle for cheap, that is not banged up badly, that would be sweet.
But now it's time to get going. Having only one vehicle to coordinate transportation, I have to go pick the boyfriend up just in time to begin heading over to pick Pixy up from school.

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