Saturday, May 9, 2009

Friday Friends

Yesterday, we went over to our buddy Rory's place. The kids love it there. I was going to make eclairs, but ran out of the right type of flour. Substituting with whole wheat flour was not a good idea. No rise, no empty lil pocket for pudding filling. No eclairs. Ohsie Wells.
Potato has finally reached the point where the dog, Gus, does not freak her out! It's a terrier sized dog. When we first went over there, she wouldn't let anybody put her down. She screamed, cried, and clutched every time the dog came near. Now, only a few visits later she's the one going for the dog. She's so gentle with him, and he's so tolerant of her. It's adorable when they are both sitting on Dianna's lap. Potato pets Gus with her feet as they all sit there cuddling. I finally won a Wii bowling game. Sitting down really is better, but it seems like that kind of defeats the purpose of the Wii. They bought Wii fit a few days ago, and Rory wouldn't let them open it til we came over for dinner Friday. It was torture to their son, Nolan. I'm not sure Shantelle was bothered by it, she's more focused on driver's ed. Eek, teenagers. They're really good kids, but it reminds me of how close I am to having teens myself. I'd rather not think about it.
It's strange to have a free Friday night to spend with friends. But it's also wonderful! Usually we're driving to Ellensburg and back, either to pick up MonkeyBug, or to drop off Pix and Bear. It's a damper on social lives all around. Starting summer we'll only do the drive every other weekend. What a novel idea. Monkey will begin living with us again. Yay! This month the ex-husband has Guard the first two weekends, and ROTC the third weekend. He can't make the drive due to when he has to report to his duties. His live-in girlfriend, who is supposed to be a part of their lives, really only seems in it as long as she isn't inconvenienced. She has issues, she needs psychiatric help, and her medication adjusted... again. It'll be better on their relationship to have the kids every other weekend and for school breaks. I do worry how things are going to be this summer with them having the kids for 2 weeks at a time. Not for their sake, but the kids. Instead of splitting the summer in half, we'll be doing two weeks on, two weeks off. It makes better sense.
This weekend is sunny. I'm hoping we can cram in some park time. I won't have Monkey with me for Mother's Day, and I am not happy about that. Plus, my boyfriend works from 7-4. We're probably not doing anything, so I'll just get the van from him at his lunch break and spend the afternoon in the park with babies. Maybe we'll go down to the water front and look for shells and such. Maybe at high tide we'll see some jellyfish. The kids would love that!
Well, time to get the babies dressed and sunblocked. Mmm, Coppertone.

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